Active Screensaver Maker

Screensaver creator

Active Screensaver Maker for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/200/XP is a useful software program that you can use for creating, compiling and distributing screensavers.

It has a simple and easy to use interface that lets you create professional screensavers in a short amount of time. With Active Screensaver Maker, you can create an unlimited number of shockwave flash-based screensavers, image slideshows, and even movie screensavers.

You can include different pictures, or make different animations and edit slide transitions, time and parameter settings. You can also add some background music (the program supports audio in MIDI, MP3, WAV and WMA format), create colorful texts, animations and more.

Using Shockwave Flash, you can also create small video games or a tic-tac-toe screensaver. Active Screensaver Maker supports a wide range of formats like AVI, MPG, ASF, MOV, RM and the like for movie screensavers.

Active Screensaver Maker


Active Screensaver Maker 2.00